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Daniel Andrews Unintentionally Hosted Sex Ed During A Press Briefing And 2020 Officially Can’t Get Any Stranger

The state leader of Victoria was asked to explain why intimate partners don’t have to wear masks during stage four lockdown visits.

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Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews is one of the most recognisable blokes in Australia right now and arguably one of the most exhausted.

Friday will mark what could be his 71st consecutive daily televised coronavirus update. But while Melbourne battles one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world (night curfew and all) there were finally some laughs this week at what is usually a solemn daily press conference.

Andrews stumbled into giving Melbourne a sex talk when a journalist asked him why intimate partners don’t need to wear masks when spending time together.

“The very nature of a platonic relationship between two people who are coming together to spend time with each other...” he explained in his usual serious tone.

“That’s very different to intimate partners, who by virtue of the fact that they are intimate partners, their contact is of a different nature.”

The premier finally cracked a smile while a room full of reporters broke out in laughter.

“I can’t quite believe I am having to explain that,” he sighed.

“But I am. But I am stopping there because I don’t think that serves any great purpose… 2020 - it’s full of surprises.”

What happened when a slightly embarrassed politician accidentally hosted a sex-ed class? Twitter acted accordingly:

Harsh stage four restrictions imposed on August 2 limited Melbournians’ movements to 5km around their homes for one hour a day and imposed a night time curfew of 8pm.

From September 14, the rules won’t be quite as tough, as the curfew will begin an hour later at 9pm, and people can go outdoors for two hours instead of one, while those living alone will be allowed to have a visitor.

The so called “social bubble” means people who live alone can nominate one other household which they can visit outside the 5km radius but they must wear masks. Since August 2 intimate partners have been allowed to visit each other freely.

Victoria accounts for about 75% of the country’s more than 26,000 COVID-19 cases and 90% of its 788 deaths.

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