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Daniel Kaluuya Says He Wasn’t Invited To The ‘Get Out’ Premiere

"You don't wanna be in a place that you don't feel wanted," the star of the acclaimed 2017 film told 'The Graham Norton Show'.

Get out of here.

Daniel Kaluuya recently revealed that he wasn’t invited to the world premiere of the 2017 film “Get Out” at the Sundance Film Festival — despite being the star of the film.

Kaluuya dropped the news during a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show.”

“On the Sundance world premiere, I was in Atlanta because I was shooting ‘[Black] Panther,’” the British actor explained. “I was chilling, I cleared my schedule. I was like, ‘I really wanna do it.’ And then just didn’t get the invite. I wasn’t invited.”

In the interview, Kaluuya then bursts out laughing at how absurd the whole situation was.

“So I was just in my bed — someone texted me, ‘It’s done really well.’”

Kaluuya then shrugged the whole thing off, chalking it up to “that’s the industry.”

And he added: “You don’t wanna be in a place that you don’t feel wanted.”

Although the presumable slip-up probably led to a pretty awkward conversation at some point, there don’t seem to be hard feelings between Kaluuya and the writer and director of “Get Out,” Jordan Peele.

According to Deadline, Kaluuya is in negotiations to co-star with Keke Palmer in Peele’s secret upcoming project. Universal Pictures is planning to release the film on July 22, 2022.

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