We're Definitely Not Saying David Leyonhjelm Is A Cliche Movie Villain


David Leyonhjelm is not a Hollywood villain.

The Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW champions same-sex marriage and small Government.

He is not Ersnt Stavro Blofeld.

Leyonhjelm has written about legalising marijuana and lent his name to an NRA video about gun ownership.

He is not Dr Evil.

David Leyonhjelm updated his Twitter bio pic. He's in his office, cradling a fluffy feline that oddly resembles Grumpy Cat.

He does not spin sinisterly in his chair when people walk in, stroking said cat as he deadpans them like a grey-suited villain in You Only Live Twice. He is not trying to hold the world to ransom for one MILLION dollars.

We'll just leave this here.

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