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CNN Fact-Checker Checks Donald Trump Jr. With Actual Facts

Daniel Dale told the president's eldest son that "it’s just objective and obvious fact" that Donald Trump is "a staggeringly incessant liar."

Donald Trump Jr. attempted to own CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale on Tuesday, but the truth is, he failed because of the facts.

It all started when President Donald Trump’s eldest son retweeted a tweet criticizing Dale for comments he made in The Atlantic about how he will approach his job when Joe Biden becomes president.

In the article, Dale said fact-checking Biden “will not be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job,” mainly because the president-elect doesn’t lie nearly as often as Trump does.

Don Jr. interpreted it differently.

Dale quickly responded to Don Jr.’s Twitter taunt, explaining, once again, that he was explaining that Biden like pretty much every other politician lies much less than the president.

So far, Don Jr. hasn’t responded to Dale’s Twitter thread.

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