The Galactic Empire Have Produced The Most Epic Heavy Metal Tribute To Star Wars

Heavy metal and Star Wars.

Both were born in the 70s, rose to prominence in the 80s and have endured the decades to remain as popular as ever.

So when a band emerges dressed as iconic villains from the beloved movie franchise, playing note-perfect metal covers of John Williams original soundtrack compositions, the only question is: why did this take so long to happen?

Galactic Empire are made up of evil warlords (and pedigreed metal musicians) Boba Fett (Grant McFarland) on drums, Stormtrooper (Carson Slovak) on bass, Darth Vader (Chris Kelly) on lead guitar, Shadow Trooper (CJ Masciantonio) on guitar and Imperial Guard (Josh Willis) on guitar.

With an album in the works consisting of the most memorable John Williams pieces spanning Episodes I - VI, the Pennsylvania based band are now working on the logistics of playing live.

"I assure you my men are working as fast as they can," drummer Boba Fett told The Huffington Post Australia when asked if the new album would be ready and operational as planned.

The legendary bounty hunter took on the much coveted drumming role for the band despite stiff competition from IG-88, Dengar and Bossk (there was also a substantial reward for his contribution).

"This technological terror of an album we've created should be adequate for the weak-minded who cannot harness the true power of the dark side," he said.

Boba jumped to the defensive however when asked whether the Emperor shared his optimistic appraisal of the situation.

"I hope so, for our sake," he said.

"We have doubled our efforts for a spring 2016 release.”

Playing such intricate orchestral compositions is hard enough without the gloves and masks, but with some modifications (and the dark side of the force on their side) the band hope to eventually take their show on the road.

We've got a good feeling about this.

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