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George Christensen Regrets His Appearance On A White Supremacist Podcast

The Coalition MP now says The Dingoes' podcast is 'insanity'.
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Coalition MP George Christensen says he now regrets appearing on a racist podcast hosted by an Australian alt-right group which plans to host a notorious white nationalist as the guest speaker at their upcoming Hitler-tinged dinner.

Christensen -- who has also appeared at Reclaim Australia rallies and said Australia is "at war with radical Islam" -- drew controversy in February when he appeared on an episode of The Convict Report, an amateur podcast run by members of Australia's alt-right, who call themselves 'The Dingoes'.

Members of this group regularly share offensive and racist views and images online, which are at various points anti-Semitic, homophobic, and white nationalist. The group's website links prominently to sites focused on white nationalism and 'white advocacy'.

In the February interview, the Nationals MP for Dawson talked with the podcast's hosts about the "big worldwide movement of leftist organisations" run by George Soros. At the time, Christensen defended his appearance on the show. He told Buzzfeed: "I know these Dingo guys are a bit wild (although they mostly aim to shock through edgy, non-politically correct humour) so I have to say I don't agree with all their views."

He also shared the interview on his official Facebook page, telling his followers to "enjoy!".

However, in recent days, the members of The Dingoes have come under wider media scrutiny after it was revealed the group plans to bring Mike Enoch, a noted white supremacist and accused neo-Nazi, to Australia for a dinner in Sydney in July. The poster for 'Dingo Con', as the event is known, prominently shows an entry price of $88. The number 88 is a well-known code for white supremacist groups, with the eighth letter of the alphabet being H; 88 stands for HH -- Heil Hitler.

Enoch founded controversial website The Right Stuff -- which proclaims "we're white and we're not sorry" -- and podcast The Daily Shoah, a reference to the Jewish word for the holocaust. Enoch has previously called Jewish and Muslim people a "cancer".

On ABC radio's AM program on Monday, Christensen said he now regretted appearing on the Convict Report podcast.

"These people shouldn't be allowed into the country," he said.

Christensen told ABC he didn't do enough research before agreeing to appear on the podcast and also criticised the $88 ticket price reference to Hitler.

"They are extremely anti-Semitic, regularly make racial based slurs, and they subscribe to white nationalism. If I had known that, there is no way I would have done that interview," he said.

"[The Hitler reference] is just insanity... these people are anti-Australian. Parading someone who slaughtered six million people, who Australia was fighting against."

Former Labor leader and now Liberal Democrats member Mark Latham has appeared on the Convict Report podcast several times. The group's members praise him as the "leader of the Australian alt-right".

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