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Get Cosy With These 8 Comforting Desserts

Look, it's cold and we need these desserts to stay warm...

As the temperature gets cooler, we tend to do the following things: a) 'forget' to go to the gym, b) 'accidentally' cancel plans and stay at home, and c) eat allll of the comfort foods, whether it's carbs, sweet treats or more carbs.

To help facilitate the natural hibernation and desire to eat every comfort food ever known, here are eight desserts that ooze warmth, cosiness and, of course, chocolate, caramel and frosting.

1. German chocolate brownie pie

Thanks to a lot of chocolate (no complaints whatsoever), this brownie creation is exceptionally rich, dense and fudgey -- and that's before it's topped with a coconut pecan frosting. Drool.

Foodie Crush

2. One-bowl banana bread cinnamon rolls

What's better than fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon rolls infused with banana bread. Imagine warm, gooey and perfectly sweet rolls, with banana slices, walnuts and puree in the centre. And the recipe is surprisingly simple.

Minimalist Baker

3. Chocolate lava cake with salted caramel filling

Yes, you can make this restaurant favourite at home, complete with oozing salted caramel filling. Plus, it's gluten free which makes us feel just a little less bad for eating one a few of these.

Delicious Everyday

4. One-bowl apple gingerbread cake

Along with hot, comforting foods, the cooler months can bring a craving for warming spices like ground cinnamon and ginger. This cake combines the best of both for a Christmas feel -- a layered apple gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting.

Minimalist Baker

5. The berry best four-berry pie

If you love berries, it's time to encase them in soft, sweet, cookie dough-like pastry and bake to golden perfection. A big scoop of ice cream is a welcome addition to this dessert, melting together with the sweet berry filling.

Foodie Crush

6. Roasted cocoa gluten free chocolate cake

If you're the sort of person who can't go past chocolate ice cream or cake when given a range of flavour options, this cake is for you. By roasting the cocoa before mixing into the cake batter, the delightfully dark and decadent dessert becomes even more rich.

Delicious Everyday

7. Cinnamon baked pears

For a healthy-ish dessert, try these three-ingredient cinnamon baked pears topped with pumpkin spice granola and coconut cream. And this light, satisfying treat takes under 30 minutes to make.

Jessica in the Kitchen

8. Peanut butter oat bars

If peanut butter is your weakness, make these super simple peanut butter oat bars with a chocolate drizzle -- ready in under 30 minutes. They're a satisfying protein-rich treat perfect for any sweet tooth.

A Saucy Kitchen


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