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11 Gifts For Dog Lovers That Aren't Just Toys

You can't go wrong with a present for someone's favourite pooch.

We all know that one person who is obsessed with their dog. (Maybe you are that person!) Dog parents put their pups above everything else, including themselves. So if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the dog lover in your life, consider a gift for their four-legged friend.

From T-shirts to tech, these creative gifts for dog lovers are sure to be a hit.

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Dog Shaming Calendar

This calendar makes a great stocking-stuffer or white elephant gift. Anyone with a mischievous pup (i.e., every dog owner) will crack up at the various shenanigans these dogs were caught in the middle of.

The 2020 dog shaming calendar is on sale for $11.44 at

“My Dog Thinks I’m Cool” Shirt

Because dog lovers know that their pup’s opinion is the only one that matters. This comfy tee makes the perfect gift for pet parents with a sense of humor.

Find this T-shirt on Amazon for $11.99 - $21.99, depending on the size. It’s also Prime-eligible.

Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas for parents, kids and dogs are a fun gift for the whole family. Plus, they make for some adorable holiday family photos. Find matching sets at retailers such as Target, Etsy and more.

Custom Dog Socks

If you know a dog-lover with a creative flair, these socks make a thoughtful gift. Dog parents can show off their favorite pet everywhere they go.

You can find custom pet socks for $24.99 from PetPartyCo on Etsy.

Barkbox Gift Subscription

If you have a dog-lover on your gift list but aren’t sure what to get them, let BarkBox select the best toys and treats for you. This dog-themed subscription box allows you to send a gift subscription for one, three, six or even 12 months.

A one-month Barkbox gift subscription costs $35.

Custom Pet Portrait

Sure, pet parents would be thrilled to receive a beautiful portrait of their pup for the holidays. But why not step it up with a Renaissance-style custom painting that screams “classy”?

K9 Sport Sack

For pet-lovers on the go, this doggie backpack lets older, disabled or tired dogs join their paw-rents on any adventure. Pet owners can bring their dogs on bike rides, long hikes and more, knowing they’ll be safely secured with a view of all the action.

Get the K9 Sport Sack on Amazon for $69.95 and up, depending on the style.

Doggie DNA Test

DNA testing kits for humans have met some controversy, but that technology is also available for dogs, and it’s nothing but fun. Dog parents can find out things like what breeds their mutt is mixed with or whether any of their pet’s relatives live nearby.

The Embark Vet Dog DNA Breed Identification Kit is currently on sale for $99 at Petco.


The Furbo is a great gift for helicopter dog parents who want to keep in contact with their fur babies at all times. It allows users to get alerts when their dog barks, talk to them through a two-way speaker and even dispense treats from afar.

Furbo is having a major sale of $46% off its dog camera, which you can snag for $113.99.

GPS And Activity Tracker

This tracker does more than just count a dog’s steps. Pet parents can define a safe zone for their dog and receive notifications if they ever leave that area (especially handy for owners of escape artists). In fact, the tracker can keep real-time tabs on a pet’s location up to three miles, with no cell coverage needed.

The Findster Duo+ Dog & Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor is on sale for $119.99 at

Dog Fever Enamel Bracelet

For the dog lover with refined taste, the Dog Fever line of jewelry makes an elegant gift. I received the enamel and silver Boston Terrier bracelet as a gift last year, and it remains one of my favorite pieces. You can choose from the standard inventory or send a picture to have a piece customized to look like a particular pooch.

The Dog Fever bracelets start at $440 and up, but there are plenty of other jewelry options as well.

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