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How To Get Glowing Skin

Who doesn't want a radiant complexion?

That ever elusive glow seems to be reserved for Victoria's Secret models and those who are young and genetically blessed, but that just doesn't seem fair. The good news is that it is possible to get glowing skin, if you know the tricks.

First up, take a look at your skin routine. Sydney based skin expert Jocelyn Petroni is one of Australia's best facialists and if you've seen her IRL you'll agree it looks like she has a light bulb within, her complexion is that radiant. Seeing as she walks the walk, we asked her how to get glowing.

See. Look at her skin. She always looks that healthy and radiant.

The day of

You've been invited out on a last minute date, or, like most women, just don't have no time to think about your social calendar until the actual day rolls around. Don't stress, it's not too late.

"To get an instant glow, in cases where you're just about to walk out the door, I would suggest adding a couple of drops of facial oil underneath your moisturiser. Or, adding it to your moisturiser or even into your foundation to make your skin look instantly more dewy. Raid your house for oils and if you have to, you can use olive oil at a stretch," Petroni told HuffPost Australia.

The day before

If you need glowing skin tomorrow, give yourself a mini facial at home the day before.

"If you've got more time, so perhaps you have an event the next day, the day before I would suggest you give your skin a thorough exfoliation in the shower."

"Use a scrub that is densely grained so it actually sloths away that dry surface build up. It's those dry, dead skin cells that make the skin have a dull appearance. Doing this will instantly reveal that fresher skin underneath and it also helps your skin to absorb your moisturiser and other products better," Petroni said.

"Then, If you have a mask I would suggest applying a mask. Look for brightening ingredients, such as vitamin A. Vitamin A is the best ingredient. It's worth noting that you do need to have tried something on your skin first, so don't use a new product, particularly if it is active, the day before your event in case you have a reaction."

Radiant Megan Gale is a client and that's good enough for us.

In salon

If you've been considering treating yourself, now is a good time to do it.

"If you can, go to a salon to have a treatment. Lots of salons do this particular one which I recommend. It's an Ultraceuticals product which is professional use only, and it's a brightening accelerator mask. It's quite strong, but it's sort of like a cross between a peel and a mask. The therapist will apply it to your skin and leave it on for a few minutes, and then work it into your skin so all the wonderful fruit acids, vitamin A and active ingredients can do their work. The result is amazing."

Longer term

If you've got a bit of time, or just want to glow in general, add a retinol product to your routine (on the advice of a therapist) and consider using light therapy every so often, too.

"Say you've got a month or two before your big event, I would suggest using an at-home retinol product at night, and make sure you use sunscreen in every morning too. You could also use light therapy, such as Omnilux, which is super hydrating. Hydrated skin looks plump and healthy with a radiant glow. You can trick the skin into looking brighter just by it being more hydrated -- that's essentially what we're doing by putting the oil on the skin," Petroni said.

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Make us look like Miranda, please.

So that's your skin stored. But there's no point getting your complexion in tip-top shape if you're just going to cover your hard work with a mask of matte foundation.

Enter, Rachael Brook. She's a celebrity makeup artist and has huge influence in the beauty world in her own right. And, if you've seen her gleaming cheekbones you'll want to follow her advice.

She seriously glows and we want what she's having.

The three step approach

"To complement your skincare, you'll want to use a primer that starts by giving your skin that dewy look," Brook told HuffPost Australia.

"I switch between Hourglass No.28, which has the consistency of a serum, or MAC Strobe Cream which is essentially a moisturiser and illuminator hybrid. Using the warmth of your hands to massage it into the skin is ideal."

Next up is foundation. The key here is to choose formulas that don't have a matte or chalky finish.

"You want to be using a product that is light-medium coverage and already has a slight glow factor. I love using Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk, which has a medium coverage, dewy velvet finish, or Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder which has a light coverage and a glowy finish. Sometimes I mix them together for medium coverage and a beautiful glow."

"If you're really wanting to take your skin glow to the next level, you can add a couple of drops of liquid illuminator to your foundation, although you can skip this step if you've used MAC Strobe Cream. For a liquid illuminator I love Tarte's Radiance Drops," Brook said.

Brook created the above glow using these steps.

The last step is all about illumination.

"After you've finished the rest of your makeup, add a highlight. If you're not concerned about long wear you can use a cream highlight which offers more of a natural look, otherwise I'd recommend using a powder highlight," Brooke said.

"Apply your highlight to the tops of your cheekbones, just above your brows, and just below your brows on your brow bone, straight down the centre of your nose, on your cupid's bow and a little on the inner corners of your eyes, too. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is a great option for this -- they come in pressed and poured formulas and have shades to suit every skin tone. My all time favourite powder highlighting palette is Anastasia's Glow Kit in the shade Sundipped."

If all that sounds a little too hard, Brook suggests one of the four following steps for some instant glow.

  • Add a couple of drops of illuminator to your foundation.
  • Add a couple of drops of face oil to your foundation.
  • Spritz your face with a makeup setting spray.
  • Use a highlighter on all the high points of your face to capture the light everywhere you go.
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