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International Christmas Potluck Ideas That Don't Involve Turkey

But there is cheese. Lots of cheese.

We have food on the brain — creamy, steamy, melt-in-your-mouth-it’s-so-good food. Yeah, it’s the holidays.

And if your friends and family are anything like ours, you’ll be attending at least one Christmas potluck so your hosts are spared spending hours figuring out how the hell to stuff a turkey.

And because we know you’re a busy bee, we’ve rounded up some yummy international Christmas potluck ideas that guests will definitely dig into.

Happy cooking!

Filipino pansit

Noodles? Check. Chicken? Yep. Pork? You betcha. People will definitely be asking for seconds.

Get the recipe: The Handy Foodie

Sweet and zingy Asian meatballs

Can you even call it a potluck if it doesn’t have meatballs? We think not. And, as the recipe notes, these made-from-scratch meatballs are “far better than the pre-made globs-in-a-bag.” LOL.

Get the recipe: Flipped-Out Food

Baked French toast casserole

This dish has Baileys Irish Cream in it. Enough said.

Get the recipe: Food Meanderings

German potato salad

Tender potatoes. Bacon. OK, stop there, we’re ALL IN.

Get the recipe: Five Heart Home

Asian wild rice salad

This easy salad is vegetarian, but for those who eat meat, it pairs well with a chicken or pork tenderloin dish. Win-win!

Get the recipe: Garlic and Zest

Tex mex hot cheese corn dip


Get the recipe: Kevin Is Cooking

Korean style pork kabobs

Any recipe that claims to take 20 minutes is golden in our books. Not only do you get juicy and tender pork tenderloin, but it comes with delicious flavours like pineapple, pears, onions, and sesame.

Get the recipe: Krazy Kitchen Mom

Indian kulkuls

These delicious cookies are simple and easy to make, and sometimes that’s all you’re really looking for in a recipe.

Get the recipe: Mama’s World

Authentic Mexican chiles en nogada

Made with poblano peppers, stuffed with seasoned ground beef, and covered in creamy salsa, this Mexican dish not only looks beautiful on a plate, but it tastes delicious, too.

Get the recipe: My Latina Table

Traditional German stollen (Christmas bread)

No, there definitely won’t be enough carbs at your Christmas potluck. This sweet bread, which is dotted with candied fruits and nuts, is the perfect dessert for a German-themed Christmas. Or if you just want to go at it by yourself, go for it. This is a judgment-free zone.

Get the recipe: The Many Little Joys

Porkkanalaatikko - Finnish carrot casserole

Quick, say porkkanalaatikko as fast as you can three times! Guests will enjoy trying to pronounce this delicious Finnish dish, as much as they will eating it.

Get the recipe: Cooking Bites

Christmas tree pull-apart bread

Did you ask for more bread? Well, ask and ye shall receive. These pull-apart bread bites are super easy to make and super easy to pop in your mouth. YUM.

Get the recipe: Eclectic Recipes

Chocolate eggnog dip

’Tis the season for chocolate dip ... with a splash of eggnog, natch. And if you’re feeling extra festive, you may as well pour a bit of rum in there, too.

Get the recipe: Dip Recipe Creations

Stuffed Mexican chicken shells

We will not say no to jumbo pasta shells stuffed to the brim with ground beef, cream cheese (OMG), cheddar and mozarella cheese, along with salsa and enchilada sauce. Although, it could do with more cheese.

Get the recipe: Six Sisters’ Stuff

Jamaican beef patties

Make sure you keep extra patties for yourself because once people try this flaky, buttery crust with a seasoned curried beef filling, they will disappear fast!

Get the recipe: Whisk It Real Gud

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