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Internet Comes For Bigot Who Claims Gays 'Stole The Rainbow From God'

Bryan Fischer’s bizarre statement gets dragged BIG time.
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Many in the LGBTQ community were saddened by Friday's news that artist and activist Gilbert Baker, who created the rainbow flag, had died at age 65. Leave it to conservative radio host Bryan Fischer, however, to seize the moment to make a homophobic barb.

On Sunday, the host of American Family Radio's "Focal Point" blasted the use of the rainbow as a pro-equality symbol for the LGBTQ community on Twitter.

The Bible verse cited by Fischer details the parable of Noah's ark. After wiping out all living creatures in a massive flood, God sends "the bow [that] is seen in the clouds," promising not to destroy the planet again.

The Internet's reaction to Fischer's bonkers claim, of course, was fast and furious. Among those to respond was "Star Trek" icon George Takei.

Others didn't hold back, either. Check out some of the best Twitter responses below, then scroll down to keep reading.

Of course, Fischer is no stranger to making outrageous declarations about the LGBTQ community. Last year, the American Family Association's former director of news analysis likened the one-year anniversary of marriage equality in the U.S. to both the bombing of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

He's also rallied against the pro-equality arguments seen in "Modern Family," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's hit single "Same Love," and even a 2014 Burger King campaign.

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