Jeb Bush: The Sound Of No Hands Clapping

Folksy moment or awkward silence? Either way, for a brief moment U.S. Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush's face answered two ancient philosophical questions that plague politicians to this day:

1. What is the sound of no hands clapping? And 2) if the sound of no hands clapping falls in a forest and hits me, will I make a sound?

The answer it turns out is yes, you do make a sound and that sound is "please clap".

Bush's speech to a Vermont audience about protecting the country as commander in chief didn't get the reaction he expected.

“I won’t be out here blowharding, talking a big game without backing it up,” he said -- and was met with total silence.

The crowd paused, then laughed and finally clapped.

Still, it made for a tasty Vine that's been doing the rounds on social media.

It wasn't the only show-stopper of the night, with the lights in the room reportedly switching off three times while Bush was speaking.

The former Florida governor and the third Bush to run for president in 30 years finished 6th in Monday's Iowa Republican primary. Some polls suggest he is polling better in New Hampshire, with the state holding its caucus on February 9.

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