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Jeff Daniels Has One Brutal Piece Of Advice For Joe Biden In Debate

The actor plays James Comey in 'The Comey Rule,' the Showtime miniseries depicting the FBI director's defiance of Donald Trump.

Jeff Daniels has one bit of advice for Joe Biden in Tuesday’s debate against Donald Trump: Punch him in the mouth. Figuratively. (Fast-forward to 12:10 below.)

Daniels, who plays then-FBI Director James Comey in the early days of the Trump presidency in ‘The Comey Rule,’ suggested Monday on ‘The Late Late Show’ that the Democratic challenger needs to confront Trump like a fighter.

“You wanna take on a bully? Punch him in the mouth ... with your words,” Daniels told host James Corden. “Call him on the lies, call him on the flip-flops, call him on ‘don’t worry, it’s just a hoax, it’s just like the flu.’”

“He’s never called on it,” the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ actor continued.

Trump’s supporters “need to know,” he added. “They were conned once. It can’t happen again. Not now. It’s too important.”

In the title role of the new Showtime miniseries, the star’s Comey defies Trump’s demand for loyalty.

Daniels said he briefly considered playing both Comey and Trump (who was eventually played by Brendan Gleeson). However, his wife persuaded him to drop the idea because Trump talks too much, requiring excessive dialogue to memorise.

Check out a snippet of the clip below:

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