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Karl Stefanovic Says Donald Trump Is Good At This One Thing 'If Nothing Else'

The 'Today' host was analysing the president's latest viral video.
'Today' host Karl Stefanovic dissects US President Donald Trumps' 'YMCA' supercut.
'Today' host Karl Stefanovic dissects US President Donald Trumps' 'YMCA' supercut.

US President Donald Trump’s odd little campaign dance has captured the imagination and attention of TikTok stars, comedians and now Australian TV presenter Karl Stefanovic.

The ‘Today’ host on Wednesday was covering the US election when he and co-host Allison Langdon analysed the president’s supercut “vote” video of him dancing to the Village People’s hit song ‘YMCA’.

“If nothing else, he’s a great dancer,” Karl sarcastically quipped.

“He’s got that. You have to think, this is the video he’s pulled together himself,” Allison said of the highlights reel that Trump pinned to the top of his Twitter on Tuesday.

“This is him picking his best moves. I’d like to know what made the cutting-room floor.”

As of Wednesday 23.7 million people had watched the clip which is a curated edit of Trump’s daggy dad dance moves that he frequently pulls to ‘YMCA’ at his campaign rallies ― something that doesn’t exactly thrill the 70s-era disco band.

See the video below:

While the president chose a 43-year-old song about covert hookups at an all-male institution as his unofficial campaign theme music, some of his followers have been grooving to a new Trumpist version of the ditty.

Supporters recently recorded revised lyrics to the Village People song and retitled it “M-A-G-A!” according to

Here are some of the lines:

“Young man. Walk away from the hate. We’re all human, and we don’t segregate. Just like women help make America great. We’re all in this together.

Our colours are red, white, and blue. They stand for every one of you. Together, here’s what we’re gonna do, We’re gonna make America great! Everybody sing ‘M-A-G-A!’”

A highly edited video shows the president appearing to dance to the new version.

Tuesday, or Wednesday in Australian time, is the last day US voters can cast their ballots in the 2020 election.

Republican Trump and former democratic vice president Joe Biden are facing off at the top of the ticket. Also at stake is control of the Senate, House of Representatives and statehouses around the nation.

With additional reporting by David Moye of HuffPost US.

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