Russia And The United States Have No Interest In World War 3, Kevin Rudd Reports


You know how everyone is predicting World War 3?


Well apparently there's been a lot of "breathless commentary" about the possibility.

There has?

Either way, you can relax. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has cleared up this wee misunderstanding, reporting that superpowers Russia and the United States have decided to pass on the next global conflict.

Sources close to the Nambour-born pollie have seemingly confirmed what most didn't already realise -- that Putin and Obama have no "such interest" in WW3.

Well that settles that, then.

Ruddy for his part is doing his bit to maintain world peace with this not-at-all-awkward Twitter profile photo of him saying cheese.

Make love, not war!

(Also, is that a flip-phone?)

As you were.

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