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Kylie Jenner Defends Her 'Cute Ass Feet' After Fans Comment On Her Toes

The 22-year-old went on a rant on her Instagram Story after fans commented about her "short toe" on a photo she posted with sister Kendall Jenner.

As if the world could not get more wild, Kylie Jenner is out here defending her toes on Instagram because people have a lot to say about them.

On Tuesday, the 22-year-old reality star posted a series of saucy photos with her sister, model Kendall Jenner.

Apparently, fans were zeroing in on Kylie’s toes in the comments because the lip kit mogul’s middle toe on her right foot appears to be a bit shorter than her other toes in the photos.


“OK, so everyone wants to come for my fucking toes. By the way, I have cute ass feet,” Kylie responded in an Instagram Story video of her feet on a plush carpet.

“And I broke this middle toe in middle school. There’s nothing you can do for a broken toe so I just had to let it heal how it wanted to heal,” she said.

In subsequent videos, she shows how the previously broken toe looks much smaller when she flexes her feet versus when it’s just flat on the floor.

Kylie then featured her sister’s toes in another slide, drawing fans’ attention to them by saying: “I’m sorry but wutttt.”

Toes aside, the mother of one didn’t seem to let it get to her and continued her Story with snapshots of her daughter, Stormi, and some swag sent to her from Ellen DeGeneres.

All the best to you and your tiny toe, Kylie.

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