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Lilly Singh Talks Bisexual Visibility In Late-Night Monologue

The Canadian comedian ribbed "Harry Met Sally."

NBC personality Lilly Singh made a splash in 2019, rounding out the year with her historic late-night debut and coming out as bisexual in a heartfelt message on social media. Now she’s reflecting on the highs and lows of being open about her sexuality, in a monologue that aired on Wednesday.

The Indian-Canadian comedian opened the episode ― which appropriately featured guest RuPaul ― with her views on LGBTQ+ solidarity and bisexual visibility, as well as the backlash she’s received for often referring to herself as a bi woman of colour (spoiler: haters, get your own show!). She also voiced her surprise at not losing fans in India, as she had been warned.

“Turns out in a place with 1.3 billion people, a lot of them don’t give an F about who I give an F,” the celebrity from Scarborough, Ont. told “A Little Late With Lilly Singh” viewers.

Watch the video above to find out what the Youtuber-turned-TV-host had to say about reactions to her online coming out journey.

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