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Love Hot Chips? Here Are 7 Ridiculously Good Recipes

Give us ALL the chips.

Have you ever met a person who doesn't like chips? No, because fries are the food that unites people of all taste preferences. It's carby, it's hot, it's salty, it's comforting, you can dip it in condiments -- what's not to love?

To celebrate this glorious food, here are seven truly droolworthy fries recipes.

Imagine everything from salt and vinegar potato wedges and herbed garlic Parmesan French fries, to chilli cheese fries and even sweet potato dessert fries.

1. Cajun sweet potato fries

You'll only need half an hour and a handful of ingredients to make these flavourful Cajun spiced sweet potato chips. Though perfect on their own, these fries are damned delicious alongside a burger.

2. Vegan chilli cheese fries

If you like your chips loaded, try this tasty recipe. Starting with crispy potato fries as the base, the chips are then topped with hearty bean chilli, cheesy sauce and jalapeno.

3. Herb salted garlic Parmesan French fries

These fries are extra special -- they're fried TWICE. Once cooked to crunchy perfection, the chips are tossed in herb salt and Parmesan, and topped with extra cheese for good measure.

4. Salt and vinegar grilled potato wedges

If you're known to drown your hot chips in vinegar, or you can't go past a whole packet of salt and vinegar chips, make these wedges. First, the potatoes are boiled in water and vinegar, then they're coated in olive oil and salt, and grilled until golden brown.

5. Baked carrot fries with harissa tahini dip

Switch things up and make these flavoursome, crispy carrot chips with a smooth, spicy harissa tahini sauce. Just like sweet potato chips, the sweetness from the carrots compliments the fragrant spices.

6. Baked Cajun potato fries with chorizo and avocado crema

Take your potato chips up a level and top your fries with spicy chorizo, a herby dairy free avocado crema, chilli and spring onions. And a fried egg, if you dare.

7. Sweet potato dessert fries

Now, if your love for fries goes beyond savoury situations, try these dessert fries. Starting with a sweet potato chip base, the dessert is then topped with peanut butter sauce, followed by chocolate sauce, coconut whipped cream, pomegranate arils and toasted nuts. Swoon.

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