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This Man's Audit Of Quality Street Chocolates Has The Internet Shook

Fans of the purple-wrapped chocolates might find this rather upsetting.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, a tweet has exposed the shocking disparity in chocolate flavours in some of the nation’s Quality Street tubs.

Stephen Hull, head of digital at ITV News, had a bit of spare time on his hands over the weekend so he decided to audit an unopened Quality Street tin (each to their own).

Hull found there were just four – yes, four – purple chocolates (hazel in caramel flavour) in his tub, compared to a whopping 11 orange cremes and 11 toffee pennies.

“Another blow for 2020,” Hull tweeted. “Who do I complain to? #inequalitystreet.”

He kindly confirmed to HuffPost UK that he had not eaten any purple chocolates before taking the photo.

So, is this to be expected across the board, or does Nestlé, the food giant behind Quality Street, just have random allocations of chocolate in each tin?

Twitter user Chris Tate-Davies responded to Hull’s tweet with his own analysis – and it revealed more purple chocolates. Although still not an overwhelming amount – five as opposed to Hull’s four.

Again, there were lots of orange cremes (controversial for some) and strawberry flavour treats, but far fewer toffee pennies.

The vast range in quantities of chocolate has left people pretty outraged – well, it has been A Year.

A Nestlé spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “We have procedures in place to help ensure that each of the 12 varieties is well represented within the mix – however these ratios can vary, which is why we don’t give set percentages for each sweet.”

If you’re the sort of person who can’t stomach the many flavours of Quality Street – and the risk of an uneven spread – it might be worth buying a tin of your favourites. Although it’ll cost you more.

Or, you could opt for a tub of Roses instead, which appears to have more of an even distribution of flavours. (Either that or Rachel got lucky).

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Lindt Lindor Truffles have been revealed as the all-time favourites, followed by Cadbury Heroes, Quality Street, Maltesers and Terry’s Chocolate Orange. You can see the full ranking here.

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