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The Masked Singer Australia Clues: Who Is The Frillneck?

The guessing game continues as the clues reveal this one is a "stand up guy" who keeps close to high-flyers.
The Frillneck on 'The Masked Singer Australia'
The Frillneck on 'The Masked Singer Australia'

Season Two of ‘The Masked Singer’ is returning to Australian screens this year, with 12 mystery celebrities set to sing their hearts out and get viewers guessing as to who they are.

Hoping to follow in 2019 winner Cody Simpson’s footsteps, each of these stars will hide behind a dozen new masks. Competing for the title this year is The Dragonfly, The Frillneck, The Echidna, The Hammerhead, The Queen, The Kitten, The Wizard, The Cactus, The Goldfish, The Bushranger, The Puppet and The Sloth.

Update: The Frillneck on ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ has been unmasked: It’s Eddie Perfect.

The guessing game continues with the clue for The Frillneck.

Clues From The First Promo:

“I’ve always been a stand up guy who hangs with birds of a feather,” a male voice says in the clue shared by Channel 10.

People have begun guessing on social media, with suggestions going two ways depending on how the clue is interpreted. Given the “stand up guy” element, many fans are pointing towards names of famous comedians.

Sam Pang, Tom Gleeson, Ed Kavalee and Peter Helliar have already been thrown into the mix.

“Sam Pang. Hanging with Chrissy Swan,” one viewer wrote on Instagram, linking both the “stand up guy” and “birds of a feather” components in one.

Judge Jackie O was very impressed, though her response may suggest he’s not the one – unless she’s trying to throw us off.

“That’s an amazing guess,” she wrote.

Chrissie Swan and Sam Pang pictured in 2017
Chrissie Swan and Sam Pang pictured in 2017

As for former Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson, some fans have done their detective work to determine if his contract permits he can appear on Channel 10.

“Tom Gleeson left the Weekly recently, and he did work on This Week Live back in the day (which was on Channel 10),” one person commented.

Robert Irwin has also been suggested by some, as he is surrounded by many animals every day at Australia Zoo.

Clues From Episode 1:

“I am Frillneck because under pressure I can go real slow. I’ve waited a long time to get where I am. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes with the puppet masters. I’m not someone who works 9 – 5.

“I feel for people who have to struggle all their lives. I know what it’s like to work and be savaged by those you serve. I love my country and I love its history. I just want everyone to get a sporting chance but knocking down tall poppies can be fun too.

“I’m known for my opinions. When I have something to say you’ll know it and here’s what I have to say now. I’m going to win The Masked Singer.

I’m theatrical and comfortable putting on a show.”

Clues From Episode 3:

“I gave 100% last time and I got everyone up. And you’re all going to learn that you ain’t seen nothing yet. In life, you never know what the right move is, so I like to task risks. They don’t always pay off but no pain, no gain.

“And remember, your critics aren’t always right, that’s why sometimes you have to ignore the rules. It’s easy to be judged in our society, but we also love a larrikin even when they get caught in stockings.And I don’t care what Miley Cyrus says.

“I’m not always recognised, and people don’t believe who I say I am. That’s okay because I don’t always enjoy being in the sun. But now, I’m back in the spotlight and I’m here to stay.

“What I do now wasn’t my first choice of career. Or my second. Or even my third.”

Clues From Episode 5:

“What you don’t know about me would fill a book. Maybe I’ll write that book. I love to tell an Australian story, or maybe not. What I do is very diverse. Some of it would scare your socks off. It’s hair-raising. But I don’t want you to think of me as some kind of monster, I just believe that when you’re in the middle you need to go big or go home.

“Most of my life I’ve worked with others, but sometimes you have to go out on your own before the horned lady sings. Well, there’s no horns tonight, just frills and it’s my turn to sing.”

Robert Irwin poses in the awards room during the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
Robert Irwin poses in the awards room during the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards 2019 at The Star on November 27, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

Clues From Episode 8:

“Jack Black and I were both fascinated with the same incredible creature,” Frillneck said of his celeb connection clue. “But Jack’s exposure was a lot less than mine.”

Some fans think The Frillneck could be 'Offspring' actor Eddie Perfect
Some fans think The Frillneck could be 'Offspring' actor Eddie Perfect

Clues From Episode 9:

“I’ve been known to put audiences in a spin,” he said.

“I’ve even put a few words into our Kylie’s mouth.”

The judges pointed out Eddie Perfect wrote the song for the Australian Tourism commercial - starring Kylie Minogue.

“I’m not afraid to make people feel uncomfortable,” the Frillneck said adding “in fact, most of my career is based on it.”

Who Are The Celebrities On The Masked Singer?

The Echidna: Mark Philippoussis

The Hammerhead: Michael Bevan

The Goldfish: Christine Anu

The Sloth: Katie Noonan

The Dragonfly: Sophie Monk

The Wizard: Isaiah Firebrace

The Cactus: Lucy Durack

The Kitten: Julia Morris

The Puppet: Simon Pryce

The Frillneck: Eddie Perfect

The Queen: Kate Miller-Heidke

The Bushranger: Bonnie Anderson

Who Are The Masked Singer Judges?

This year singer Dannii Minogue, comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and radio host Jackie O will return as judges. Joining them on the panel is comedian Urzila Carlson who replaces previous judge Lindsay Lohan.

Where exactly is The Masked Singer from?

The Masked Singer first aired in South Korea back in 2015, and since then it has sparked spin-off versions across 17 other countries, including Australia.

Currently hosted by local media personality Gim Seong-ju, South Korea’s version is actually called King of Mask Singer and airs on MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation).

How does The Masked Singer actually work?

The first round involves two masked contestants singing the same song, before subsequent rounds require a solo performance.

Once a contestant is eliminated they are required to reveal their identity, and the last one standing is crowned the ‘Mask King’.

South Korea’s version is known for having local stars and some K-pop names thrown in to make the show all the more exciting for its fans, but what many Aussie viewers may not know is that Hollywood is a big fan of the concept, both with its own show in the US, and the original in South Korea.

‘The Masked Singer’ premieres on Monday August 10 at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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