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We Tracked Down MasterChef Judge Melissa Leong's Food-Proof Lipsticks

Next time you scoff a doughnut before a video call with your boss, these might just come in handy.

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'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' judge Melissa Leong
Channel 10
'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' judge Melissa Leong

As self-isolation continues during the coronavirus crisis, a lot of us are staying at home, eating plenty and well, trying to look somewhat presentable for our work Zoom calls.

’MasterChef Australia’s newest judge Melissa Leong has been the talk of Twitter in recent weeks thanks to her talent, enthusiasm and believe it or not, her ability to keep her lipstick looking immaculate while trying five cuisines per episode.

After plenty of Twitter and Instagram requests asking for the genius lippie behind this spectacular cosmetic miracle, it looks like we have some answers that will save us next time we eat a doughnut just before a video call with the boss.

Makeup artist Maureen Moriarty is behind Melissa’s looks on the Channel 10 show, and has revealed what products she works with and how many times the lipsticks need to be applied while filming.

It appears Mac’s ‘Pink Pigeon’ is her go-to for a neon pink, while Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘In Love With Olivia’ is used to create a softer look. For a bright red, she goes with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Walk Of Shame’.

“I’m seeing that your (sic) saying it’s MAC lipstick and it’s just elegant eating that’s keeping it on. There’s gotta be a secret to it though, literally none of her lippie gets on the food,” one viewer commented on Maureen’s account.

After having initially told another fan it all came down to Melissa’s “elegant eating”, Maureen explained how many times she tops up the judge’s makeup during a day of filming.

“Seriously we apply in the morning, after lunch then late afternoon - it’s MAC matte lippy’s - they stay on!!” she said.

Since her debut on the show, Melissa’s style, and particularly her earrings, have captivated many viewers.

“For me, fashion isn’t frivolous,” Melissa told HuffPost Australia. “It’s a tool I use to command attention, and to separate my work from my private life.”

Working with the network’s wardrobe, hair and make up team, she said there was only one request on her end.

“The brief is simple: me, but make it MasterChef.”

MasterChef Australia: Back To Win judge Melissa Leong
Channel 10
MasterChef Australia: Back To Win judge Melissa Leong

On ‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ this year, Melissa, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo have replaced former judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston.

There are 24 previous contestants including Poh Ling Yeow, Hayden Quinn, Reynold Poernomo and Callum Hann who have returned to the series for another shot at victory.

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