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This Melbourne Cup People Are Putting Their Cups Out For The Horses

Along with the 'nup to the cup' movement, many Australians are proving the race that stops the nation is not their cuppa tea.

Many Australians are taking a stand against the Melbourne Cup this year, and in addition to the ‘nup to the cup’ trending hashtag, have put their tea cups and coffee mugs out as tribute to the racehorses.

“Ok it’s Melbourne Cup Day, horse racing can get fucked, post your favourite cups instead!” read a tweet shared by Twitter user @cry_club on Tuesday morning. “This one was a Christmas present from my girlfriend’s mum.”

It didn’t taken long for others to follow suit, and from creative keep cups to mugs with cartoons or quotes, there’s been an array of support brewing for the anti-Melbourne cup movement.

Six racehorses have died since 2013 as a result of the annual event that takes place on the first Tuesday of November and people of all generations are now turning away from the social and sporting spectacle.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses found 122 horses had died on Aussie tracks in one year, while ‘on average one horse will die on Australian racetracks every three days’.

Animal rights activists are protesting outside Victoria’s Flemington Racecourse to take a stand after greater public awareness was sparked by the ABC’s recent 7:30pm coverage revealing hundreds of registered racehorses were being killed at slaughterhouses.

Meanwhile across the country others are ditching their fascinators and sweepstakes for anti-Melbourne Cup parties where proceeds go to horse and animal charities.

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