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Mum Naturally Home-Births 5kg Baby With No Intervention And Her Reaction Is Fitting

A mum’s reaction after giving birth to an 11lb 2oz baby at home with no intervention summed up the experience perfectly.

Natalie, from the US, had asked photographer Laura Fifield to document her birth at home to capture moments that she’d never forget.

The mum-to-be said she’d had an inkling her child was going to be on the heavier side, and boy was she right.

After giving birth naturally at home with no intervention and holding her baby for the first time, Natalie’s face said it all.

“Yup, she did it, at home, no interventions, no internal exams, no complications,” photographer Laura Fifield wrote when sharing the photo on Facebook on 24 March.

“She naturally delivered an 11lb 2oz baby boy!”

Fifield said the shocked reaction was a mix of the mum finding out the gender, the relief he was finally there, and the amazement at the baby’s size.

“This photo is just the best,” one mother commented. “I delivered a nine pound baby at home that the midwives thought might be over 10. We are powerful creatures.”

Another wrote: “They always say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is beautiful. What an amazing moment and emotion to capture and be able to look back for years to come and see exactly how you felt.”

One mum also commented: “I’m in love with this picture. And Good Lord, that’s a big baby. Congrats, Mama. You did it!”

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