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Mother Hears Late Son's Heart Beating Inside Transplant Recipient

A mum was overwhelmed with emotion when she heard her late son’s heart beating in his transplant recipient.

Anna Ricks lost her 31-year-old son, Greg, when he died in a car crash in September last year.

But the mum, from North Carolina, was able to hear his heart beat again when she recently met up with his transplant recipient, Greg Robbins.

Robbins suffered from a heart attack in March 2016 and was in desperate need of a heart transplant to save his life.

His wife Gwen, who filmed the meeting, thanked the Ricks family for their kindness.

“At first she [Anna Ricks] said no to the doctors when they asked about donating his organs but after a few minutes changed her mind and said yes,” she said, according to the Mirror.

“If she had not changed her mind, my husband probably wouldn’t be alive today because he only had a few weeks to live.

“Greg Ricks and his mother, Anna, are my heroes.”

The video of the meeting was recently shared on Imgur, where it has been viewed more than three million times.

Some have commented on the clip to say it’s inspired them to sign up as organ donors.

You can register as an organ donor in the UK by filling out a short form on the NHS website.

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