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New 'No' Campaign Ad To Air During NRL Grand Final

That's despite prominent 'No' campaigners saying sport and politics don't mix.
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A new Coalition for Marriage 'No' ad will be aired during Sunday's NRL Grand Final despite being banned from airing during the AFL Grand Final.

The ad was classified "for mature audiences only" by TV regulator CAD, meaning that it could only be aired after 7:30pm.

It opens with the the line 'Love is Love', a parody of the popular 'Yes' campaign slogan. The ad then features messages that 'No' campaigners claim to have been sent in the lead up to the postal plebiscite, such as "I genuinely hope someone kicks your teeth in" and "What a bunch of homophobic maggots".

Marketing analytics company Ebiquity recently found that the 'No' campaign was outspending the 'Yes' campaign on TV ads as much as five-to-one.

The ad comes as American rapper Macklemore prepares to perform marriage equality anthem 'Same Love' during the half-time show.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott responded to the upcoming performance on Twitter:

The star told 9News that Australian proceeds from the song would be donated to the 'Yes' campaign, as the song shot up to #1 in the iTunes charts this week.

There were earlier reports that rainbow flags, as well as 'Yes' and 'No' signs, were to be banned - but ANZ Stadium has since cleared up that there "has been no ban on rainbow flags for today's Grand Final".

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