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New Zealand's Prime Minister Just Concocted A Crime Against Pizza

Just, no.
Facebook/Bill English

When the President of Iceland declared he wished he could pass a law to ban pineapple from being used as a pizza topping, the Internet went wild. Should it be there? Should it not? Everyone seems to have their own opinion.

But here's the thing -- there are some things that just don't belong on a pizza.

Case in point -- a pizza creation posted in a Facebook photo by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Bill English, that features tinned spaghetti.

That's right. Spaghetti from a tin. And it's got pretty much everyone outside of New Zealand deciding that English's bizarre recipe is a food crime against pizza.

English whipped up the concoction as dinner for his family, which also included tomato and bacon, but said the spaghetti added more "liquid" to the base than he had first expected.

He said the odd addition "goes well with pineapple", despite it being "a bit soggy in the middle".

While there were some Kiwis who were going bonkers that their PM endorses pineapple as a pizza ingredient, there were plenty more that said his choice of spaghetti was spot on.

The creation comes after the pizza debate has heated up online so intensely that one customer was given a refund for his order when a worker refused to put pineapple on his food. Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has weighed in on the issue, saying "You don't put f--king pineapple on pizza."

But when it comes to the issue of tinned spaghetti on pizza, whether it's a New Zealand thing or just English's odd culinary taste, the answer should probably just be 'no'.


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