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Pauline Hanson Told The Next Terrorist Attack Will Be On Her Head

Sarah Hanson-Young also told the One Nation leader she is doing ISIS's work for them.

CANBERRA -- Pauline Hanson has been called a "goose" on live television as she stands by her burqa stunt in Parliament last Thursday, despite universal condemnation and confusion over what the One Nation leader was trying to prove.

During acrimonious debate on the Sunrise program, Hanson was also warned by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young that "the next terrorist attack will be on your head, Pauline".

Hanson stunned federal parliament on Thursday by turning up to the Senate chamber in a black burqa purchased on eBay by a staff member. She claimed she was making a point about national security and social cohesion, but she stressed she was concerned she was not challenged by security prior to walking into the chamber wearing the face covering.

She has stated she was trying to prove that burqas should not be on the floor of Parliament, even though no member of parliament wears one.

"You know, Pauline, I think you need to really reflect on the fact that security experts, foreign policy experts have said that what you did last week will now be used as the recent kind of fodder for promoting extremism," Hanson-Young told the Seven Network breakfast program on Monday.

"You are doing ISIS's work for them.

"It is extremely dangerous. You are putting the entire country at risk. You say that you are worried about people's security, yet you have refused to listen to the advice of the experts."

But it is not just Senator Hanson-Young (mind you, no relation to Hanson) unloading on the One Nation leader.

After groans from fellow senators, Hanson was immediately told by the federal Attorney-General George Brandis that her "appalling" pursuit of the Islamic covering -- and "ridiculing" of the Islamic faith -- flies in the face of all counter terrorism advice.

Still, Hanson is tuning out.

"I totally disagree with you. You have missed the whole point, the whole mark," Hanson said.

"Why have we have got Islamic countries around the world that are actually banning the burqa? Tunisia, Turkey, Congo, these are Islamic countries, Malaysia, they banned the burqa for national security. You have many other countries around the world that have banned the burqa not just for national security, but for social cohesion.

"There is no requirement for dress codes on the floor of parliament. When we go to vote, the vote is taken on facial recognition. This is a case point. It should not be on the floor of Parliament in the first place."

It all went downhill from there with Hanson's claim she was not checked properly by security and the Greens senator contesting Hanson's version of proceedings, "This is not true. You were escorted by security guards".

Which was followed by Hanson's retort, "You weren't there Sarah so you have no damn idea what the hell happened before I went down there." Hanson-Young replied, "Everyone knew it was you being a goose".

And then this: "Everyone knew it was you putting the country in danger, the next terrorist attack will be on your head Pauline."

Later, away from the studio lights, Hanson called on Hanson-Young to apologise saying the Greens senator was "disgusting".

In a statement, Hanson said the blame for acts of terrorism and violence will "always lay at the feet of the perpetrators," not victims or "those trying to start difficult conversations".

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