Pharrell Williams Launches App To Tackle Ocean Pollution


As if we needed further proof that Pharrell Williams is a genuinely good guy, the songwriter and producer has launched a gaming app targeting the world’s youth to raise awareness around ocean pollution.

The game, which is based on RAW for the Oceans -- a sustainable project Williams is already involved in whereby over 2 million plastic bottles to date have been retrieved from coastlines and transformed into denim and apparel -- sees players collect plastic and dodge dangers while getting serious insights into the impact of pollution.

“We aim to raise awareness. No-one who has played this game will ever throw a plastic bottle in the ocean again,” said Williams.

The multitalented ‘Happy’ singer, whose influence is beyond measure (remember the Grammy’s hat, people) has had a keen interest in sustainability and climate change for some time now.

He’s the creative director of Bionic Yarn -- a line created from recycled materials and has recently addressed world leaders to take action on climate change.

The gaming app, Battle for Big Blue is available on iPhone and Android devices.

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