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Plane Forced To Return To Sydney After An Engine Malfunction

The plane landed back in Australia an hour after take off.

A China Eastern plane was forced to return to Sydney after a malfunction caused an engine failure.

Flight MU736 took off from Sydney International Airport bound for Shanghai at 8.30pm on Sunday evening, but was forced to return an hour later.

Damage to the left wing of the AirBus A330 saw an entire strip of the external cover ripped off, leaving the engine partially uncontained.

"The moment we took off, the wing to my left just started making a massive amount of noise," a passenger told 7 News at Sydney airport.

"We went up in the air and all of a sudden we heard this noise... it kind of smelt like burning," another passenger said.

The plane took off from Sydney and flew north towards Hornsby. When the disturbance was noticed, the plane was turned around, travelling over Western Sydney before returning to the airport.

Passengers travelling on the flight are expected to board another plane to China on Monday morning.

China Eastern Airlines are yet to release an official statement regarding the incident.


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