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Ryan Gosling Finally Visits Cafe That Tried To Lure Him With Cardboard Cutout

… With a little help from the actor’s mum.

It ends up that Toronto's Grinder Coffee wasn't living in la-la land.

Owner Joelle Murray really wanted to get actor Ryan Gosling to visit her coffee shop while he was in town to screen his new film, "First Man," at the Toronto International Film Festival — even though the café is a 20-minute drive from the event.

But Murray wanted it so badly that she decided to re-try a quirky plan — one Grinder Coffee had previously attempted with actor Idris Elba that wasn't successful.

The café posted photos of a cardboard cutout of the Golden Globe-winning actor on Twitter, with the plan to do so until he passed over the shop's threshold.

It all started with a simple photo and a dream:

Grinder Coffee even got early support from Toronto's mayor, John Tory, who swung by to support.

The café continued to have a latte fun with the campaign and posted daily.

The café even got national news coverage.

Then finally on Tuesday, the campaign's 10th day, Mr. "Hey Girl" strutted into their café.

According to Murray, Gosling told her that he had seen her posts on social media — but it was his mom who convinced him to visit, per The Canadian Press.

"He made it seem that he enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting him," Murray told the outlet. "And it was a lovely feeling. He was very well-spoken, a wonderful Canadian boy with very good manners."

But the visit had a huge impact on Murray's nephew, who posted a Twitter thread about the brief encounter, bragging about his "cool aunt" and her hard work the entire time.

"[Murray] always treats her employees fairly, is an active voice in the neighbourhood, and is one of the funniest and most genuine people you'll meet," he wrote.

He also shared how Murray described the experience to him: "He just showed up and told me he saw the whole campaign, I told him next time he comes for dinner and a playdate."

Murray estimates that Gosling was in her café for about two minutes to greet her and other patrons.

But, based on what she told her nephew, we're sure this is what she was thinking the whole time:

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