The Bachelorette Dates Are The Most Australian Thing To Ever Happen

Episode two of The Bachelorette aired on Thursday night, where we saw Bachelorette Sam Frost telling Mr International Model where to go (evidently, home) as well as an introduction to plumber Dave’s 11th Box Theory. But perhaps the most entertaining of all was how undeniably Australian the dates were.

First, the single date

A helicopter ride to the Sydney Cricket Ground where plumber Dave gets to meet fast-bowl legend Doug Bollinger, or “Doug the Rug” as his fans call him (because everyone has a nickname in 'Straya).

Dave compares the footy ground’s beauty to Sam’s beauty, because that’s just how Aussie blokes roll and there’s some flirting in the locker room. Sam sneaks a perv when Dave takes off his shirt and she definitely likes what she sees: “He’s definitely a babe.”

Sam then proceeds to ask whether he’s already got his box on. Dave invites her to check for herself and she declines, while giggling.

Doug the Rug comments on Dave’s “pipes” (arms). He also says if Dave can hit the boundary Sam will give him a kiss. Aussie chicks love it when guys hit the boundary. Didn't ya know?

There’s a cosy picnic on the field later, with wine, and Dave is “legit blown away.”

He calls her a “bloody legend” at least three times -- and the night ends with some casual back stroking.

Next, the group date

Sam rocks up to the riverbank to greet her men on a speed boat. The guys are blown away by how “hot” she looks in her ripped jeans and windswept hair.

The guys swap their clothes for wetties (wetsuits) before climbing a cliff they’ll have to jump off. It’s kind of like a metaphor for taking a ‘leap of faith’ for love but also a symbol of how close to nature we are in Australia.

International model is worried because he can’t swim (he tells us it’s because his parents are from Poland) while frontrunner Sasha is trying to get it together by cursing at himself: “You need to neck up ya parrot and just jump off!”

Sleep technician Drew Just. Can’t. Deal. he has a legit phobia of heights -- which is more than just a fear. Sam decides it’s just too hard for her to watch him go through with it.

The final single date

Sam picks Drew for her one-on-one time and he gladly accepts, still wearing a flannie over his dry wettie.

The setting is a barn (because, of course) and there's a bonfire. Drew swaps the man bun for hair out and they get ~real deep~ talking about how they've both worn their heart on their sleeve in the past.

Drew is besotted with Sam and tells her he's been swept off his feet. But he knows how amazing the other lads in the house are, so he's definitely afraid.

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