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Sara Connor And David Taylor Return To Bali Beach For Grim Murder Re-enactment

Wearing orange jumpsuits, Taylor and Connor re-enacted the alleged events surrounding a police man's death
Jewel Topsfield/Fairfax

A grim re-enactment of the alleged murder of an Indonesian police officer on a Bali beach has seen British DJ David Taylor mime bashing a spread-eagled police officer on Kuta Beach with a jagged bottle of beer.

Police and media swamped popular beach on Wednesday as Taylor and his Australian girlfriend Sara Connor reacted the events leading up to Wayan Sudarsa death two weeks ago.

Fairfax reports that as part of a 40- Act recreation of the night, Taylor demonstrated hitting the back of Wayan Sudarsa's head as the officer lay face down in the sand.

Kuta beach crawling with police for reconstruction of the death of Balinese police officer. At 4am

— Jewel Topsfield (@JewelTopsfield) August 30, 2016

Wayan was found with 42 wounds to his body, including his head and neck.

Both Taylor and Connor have been formally named as suspects in the murder and face charges including unpremeditated murder and assault.

The pair have been kept in seperate cells until Wednesday's reenactment, and they reportedly embraced after being reunited at the scene.

During one stage of the re-enactment, Connor and Taylor mimed their kiss in the moments before Connor noticed her handbag was missing.

Taylor allegedly first confronted the police officer over Connor's missing bag.

Sara Connor and David Taylor being taken on to Kuta beach

— Samantha Hawley (@samanthahawley) August 30, 2016

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