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Serena Williams Gives Tom Brady Ultimate Praise Ahead Of Super Bowl

The tennis champ put the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback's ability at age 43 into perspective before the Super Bowl.

From one possible GOAT to another, tennis champ Serena Williams marvelled Friday at Tom Brady’s ability to sustain excellence as he prepared for his 10th Super Bowl on Sunday.

During a news conference days before the Australian Open, Williams said she felt younger than her age, 39, while joking that she forgot how old she was. She then praised the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback for killing it at age 43.

“I look at Tom Brady, it’s so inspiring,” Williams said. “I think with all the new things, and all the new technology, all the new physical treatments, and rehab, things that you can do ... I don’t know what that age means anymore.”

Asked about a Brady comment that his favorite Super Bowl ring is “the next one,” Williams replied (per The Associated Press):

“It’s a great way to think. Because otherwise you’re living off of what you already did.”

Brady won his sixth Super Bowl in 2019.

Williams’ quest for a record-tying 24th Grand Slam singles title has stalled of late. She won No. 23 at the Australian Open in 2017 while pregnant with daughter Olympia.

The Australian Open begins Monday.

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