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Seth Meyers Likens Trump’s Relationship With Fox News Hosts To A ‘Loveless Marriage’

“I mean, look at them," said the 'Late Night' host.

Seth Meyers on Thursday mocked personalities on Fox News for pandering to Donald Trump in interviews, likening their relationship with the president to a “loveless marriage.”

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” suggested Trump “rushed back to the friendly confines” of morning show “Fox & Friends” to “regain some self-esteem” after his off-the-rails sit-down with Axios’ Jonathan Swan aired on HBO. That’s because Fox’s hosts “let him get away with any lie no matter how outrageous,” Meyers said.

“Seriously, you can tell how much easier the Fox interview was than the Axios interview just from their faces,” said Meyers.

Fox personalities “look like vacant spouses in a loveless marriage who stopped feeling anything years ago,” he joked.

“I mean, look at them,” Meyers continued. “They look like they just caught a glimpse of their reflection in a window holding a bunch of shopping bags from Saks Fifth Avenue, and they’re thinking, ’All the Fendi bags in Manhattan won’t fill the hole inside of me.’”

Check out Meyers’ monologue here:

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