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‘Slurring Like A Lunatic’: Seth Meyers Tears Apart Trump’s 'Deranged' Rally

The "Late Night" host dissects the president's bonkers performance in Pennsylvania this week.

Seth Meyers tore into President Donald Trump for holding a “deranged rally” in Pennsylvania this week.

“He did his usual routine of slurring like a lunatic while throwing in some of his trademark sexism,” Meyers said on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Wednesday.

At the event, Trump said he had to give credit to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for coming back strong in the polls after her campaign was “just little embers.”

“Then she opened that fresh mouth of hers and it stopped,” Trump said.

“She opened her fresh mouth?” Meyers asked. “You sound like the headmaster of a private school called St. Misogynist’s Academy.”

Trump also referred to the impeachment proceedings against him as “impeachment light,” but Meyers wasn’t buying it.

“You’re either impeached or you’re not,” he said. “There’s no light version. Trump’s like a drunk guy at a bar on his sixth beer going: ‘It’s Impeachment Light, now give me my keys.’”

Meyers said there was a reason Trump continues to hold these campaign events.

“Trump desperately needs these group therapy sessions with his fawning admirers so he can lie to himself and soothe his ego,” Mayers said.

See Meyers’ full takedown in the clip above.

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