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3 Simple Nail Art Ideas For People Who Are Truly Shit At Home Manicures

Not blessed with artistic talent when it comes to your talons? Not a problem.

Lockdown may have given us more time than usual to do our nails, but that doesn’t mean we’ve become pro technicians over night. If, like me, you find block colour difficult enough, nail art can feel like a recipe for smudges.

But Maddy Ayers (@MaadNails), a nail artist who works at ISLA Berlin, says getting creative with a home manicure doesn’t have to be complicated. So, she’s given us the step-by-step instructions for three simple designs, chosen with the artistically challenged in mind.

You shouldn’t need to buy any new tools, providing you have a bobby pin and some nail varnish at home. And if the end result still fails, at least it’s give you an evening of entertainment. Now is the time to experiment!

Daisies All Day

Maddy Ayers

This design is perfect for summer and if you lack the patience for multiple flowers (same), it works just as well with one flower per nail.

  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat

  2. Using a bobby pin and small amount of white polish (or whatever you have!), make five dots in a circle to make your flower. Try not to let the dots touch! Repeat all over the nail, or just have one flower per nail, as you like

  3. With your bobby pin, add a yellow dot in the centre of each flower

  4. Finish with a layer of glossy top coat (Seche Vite is the best), making sure to cap the ends.

Perfect Polka Dots

Maddy Ayers

Inspired by the style of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the spots in this design can be any colour you wish, although striking yellow and black is popular. The lines aren’t meant to be perfectly straight, which is ideal for nail art novices.

  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat

  2. Add two coats of bright yellow

  3. With your bobby pin and black polish, draw a wavy line of large dots down the middle of the nail

  4. Following the same curve, add lines of smaller dots until the each nail is full

  5. Clean up the edges using a make up brush dipped in polish remover

  6. Finish off with a layer of shiny top coat.

Holy Cow! What Great Nails

Maddy Ayers

This design really is fool-proof because the blobs look better when they’re all different sizes. White and black nail varnish gives the full, fun farm effect, but you can use the technique with any two contrasting colours.

  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat

  2. Paint on two coats of white (alternatively bright and pastel colours also work well for this)

  3. Add patches of black of varied sizes to each nail. These should be uneven shapes and every nail different from the last. You could also do this with a nail art brush, or make your own by taking an old polish brush and trimming of most of the hairs

  4. Add a top coat, both glossy and matte look great with cow print.

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