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11 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Pet Instead Of A Human

In a new study scientists have finally verified what pet owners have known for years, that dogs can actually talk to their humans.

While everyone else might think that you have lost the plot as you discuss office politics with your furry friend, you know that they are a real member of your family and the perfect listener to vent your frustrations to.

So here are 11 reasons why you should always talk to your four-legged friend instead of another human.

1. They never answer back.

2. They agree with everything you say.

3. They are always on your side.

4. They always know the right way to react.

5. They also think your boss is being a total bitch.

6. They will listen for hours (even when they’re tired).

7. They won’t encourage you to make bad life decisions.

8. They never bring up their own problems.

9. They do stupid stuff to make you feel better about yourself.

10. They tolerate your shit.

11. They are great secret keepers.

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