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The Cosiest Reading Nooks To Curl Up In On A Rainy Day

We all need a little corner.

On all accounts, it looks like much of the country is in for a frightful weekend of weather. For the book lovers out there, this can only mean one thing: curling up with a page turner, a cuppa and some choccy.

You could do this on a couch in front of the TV, or you could venture into your sweet sanctuary reserved for reading, and reading only (napping is also allowed).

A cosy reading nook lures any bookworm with its comfort level and promise of peace and quiet. All you need is a random nook or cranny (a hallway or unused alcove will do), an armchair (or something to sit on), a lamp, some cushions and somewhere to stow those books of yours.

Here are some to get you inspired.

Don't you just want to dive right in?

A nice window with some dappled light helps.

The bigger the better, really.

Comfort meets chic.

The under-the-stairs nook is harder to pull off, but hey, you're practically Harry Potter.

And the kids will love it.

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