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The Internet Hilariously Said 'Bye, Bye' To Steve Bannon

Twitter ― predictably ― went wild Friday after the news that President Donald Trump had decided to remove senior adviser Steve Bannon.

In addition to incredible turmoil involving everything from race relations to nuclear war threats, the Trump administration has had serious staffing issues in its first eight months. The churning of top posts has been frothy enough to inspire a supposedly satirical New York Post front page depicting the White House as a season of “Survivor.”

The reason for Bannon’s departure isn’t yet clear. It’s likely due to Trump suspecting Bannon for leaks to the press, according to Axios.

Bannon, a former Breitbart News chief, has been a purveyor of homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric, anti-Muslim fearmongering ― even fat jokes. Those are just some of the reasons so many are celebrating his exit.

In light of this, here are some of our favorite reactions to Bannon’s departure:

Can’t wait to tune in next week ― uh, we mean, see what happens tomorrow.

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