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The Little Kids Inside Us Are LOVING These Smash Cakes

Great things happen when a piñata meets a lolly shop.

The best part about being a kid (aside from not having to worry about adult things like bills and being 'responsible') are the kids' parties. The colourful, sugar-filled, high decibel-rated parties which luckily seemed to happen every other weekend.

Now that we're adults (boo), we don't often get to enjoy such innocent, rambunctious parties with three-legged and egg-and-spoon races and piñatas.

But there's a small Sydney-based business that's making that possible, for both kids and adults alike.

Claudia Abrahams is the founder of SydneySmashCakes, the seed of which started seven years ago when Abrahams made the first smash cake for her eldest daughter's 5th birthday.

After 17 birthdays for her three kids, as well as creating smash cakes for friends' children's birthdays, Abrahams decided to officially start a business. And after one short year, SydneySmashCakes has taken off.

Basically, SydneySmashCakes is a marriage of piñatas and birthday treats. It's a whole nostalgic birthday party in a single cake, and everyone's obsessed.

The method to making a signature smash cake is to gently melt chocolate and create a mould, set the mould in the fridge, fill the chocolate mould with one kilogram (or more) of lollies, and then decorate with as many chocolates, lollies and chocolate bars as possible.

Then it's time for the most fun part of all -- to smash open the entire cake with the help of a rolling pin.

Want to make one yourself? Check the video above to see how it's done.


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