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These Lion Cubs Will Make Your Day, Week... Your Whole Entire Year

Cuteness overload.

Some people find Tuesday even harder than Mondays. It's safe to say those people obviously haven't seen this footage of tiny lion cubs at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The four cubs that were born on December 13, marked a milestone this week by completing their first health check. The sex of the cubs has now also been determined.

"Vets and Keepers were able to weigh and examine each of four cubs and determine their sex – two girls and two boys," Zoo keeper Kelly Hobbs said.

"With mum Nairibi enjoying breakfast in another den, the team were able to enter the area to quickly examine, weigh, microchip and vaccinate the cubs."

Associate Veterinarian Dr Paul Eden said the cubs are feeding well and their little milk filled tummies are now nearly brushing the ground.

The seven-week-old bundles of joy are said to be a healthy weight, ranging between 5.2 and 6.5 kilograms. The two boys are at the heavier end of the scales.

"We were able to check their heart, lungs, ears, eyes and mobility and they're all looking really good," Eden said post check-up.

The next milestone for the little guys will be their introduction to rest of the pride. We can't wait to see more of these four siblings.

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