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These Native Aussie Creatures Are Devilishly Cute

Watch as they frolic and freeze in the winter snow.

When you see videos like this, it's hard to justify thinking of these little animals as devils.

Hiding, running and shivering in the cold, these native Australian marsupials live in the Tasmanian Devil sanctuary, located half-a-kilometre outside of Cradle National Park in Tasmania. Their homes have been doused in snow in the wintery Tassie temperatures, and they don't seem to pleased with the cold, letting out little whines in protest.

While they may be cute, Tasmanian Devils are also in danger. The devils are an endangered species whose existence is threatened by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), a contagious sickness that sees the spreading of cancerous cells through mating and breeding. The disease has spread to 60 percent of Tasmania and has seen a vast decrease in their population.

The devils weren't the only animals frolicking in the sanctuary winter wonderland. Check out this little Spotted-Tail Quoll out and about in the snow.


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