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These Stunning Wooden Interiors Are Why You Should Jump On The Timber Trend

Plus, timber makes you feel good.

Have you ever walked into a room decked out in pale timber floors and felt an instant sense of calm?

Perhaps you're one of those people who are constantly adding to their bedroom collection of timber-potted plants and don't quite know how to stop.

Well, you're not alone and there's reason for this timeless trend. We humans, particularly the design-obsessed among us, are innately drawn towards wood. It's an extension of our age-old need to connect with the natural world -- one that has gradually crept back into areas of our home and working lives as life inevitably speeds up around us.

Nature-inspired design (a fancy, design-y term for timber) brings a whole host of health and well being benefits, brought to light in a new report by Planet Ark.

Wood is a renewable building material that uses low energy levels in production and improves air quality by moderating humidity.

Exposure to it has been shown to lower the heart rate and stress response in students and workers, improving one's emotional state and cognitive function.

Essentially, spending time in a timber-inspired room will make you feel happier and calmer. Double win.

And plus, timber looks darn pretty. Here's some inspo for your next fit out -- starting with said timber-potted plants.


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