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This Fake Government Ad Totally Skewers The Centrelink Debacle

'It's not like you bludgers have anything better to do'.
Taking Centrelink to task.
Juice Media/Youtube
Taking Centrelink to task.

The recent crackdown on Centrelink payments, and widespread cases of incorrect debts being levied on welfare recipients, has been the biggest story of the last month. People are claiming they've been given false debts, phone lines are jammed, the Commonwealth Ombudsman is investigating, but the government maintains it is all working perfectly well.

The entire debacle has been skewered by online outlet The Juice Media, with their take on a government ad. It lobs bombs at the debt letters being sent out over Christmas, the large percentage of debts found to be incorrect, and comparing the welfare crackdown to the large companies who were found to pay little or no tax in Australia.

The video later takes aim at both the infamously long Centrelink phone wait times, and the welfare agency's recent referrals of Twitter users to Lifeline.

"If our efforts to ruin your life are causing you distress, call us," the 'Centrelink employee' states.

"And if you don't die of natural causes while waiting to speak to a real person, we'll gladly refer you to counselling".

The Juice Media were the ones who got Greens senator Scott Ludlam to awkwardly rap about the G20 back in 2014:


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