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Three New Beauty Treatments To Whip Your Skin Into Tip Top Shape

Diamonds, lasers, and the use of your own blood.

Summer is behind us. But that's not all bad, because autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for treating most skin concerns thanks to shorter days, which equal less sun exposure.

That's because UVA and UVB rays damage the skin and many treatments can make the complexion more susceptible.

So as we say goodbye to summer, consider using the cooler months to address your skin concerns. Here are three new treatments which do exactly that.

The Ultimate Renewal and Beauty Boost by Ageless Clinics

Ultimate Renewal is a 90-minute procedure which first involves two types of laser to break up hyperpigmentation and resurface the skin, then dermal stamp micro needling to rejuvenate fresh collagen. The process stresses the skin so that it is forced to regenerate, much like putting stress on a muscle doing weights in order to make it bigger.

Dr Jeremy Cumpston from Ageless Clinics has been performing this special combination of treatments for the past few years, with great results.

In conjunction with the micro needling, Dr Cumpston draws some of the client's blood and spins it in a special machine which separates out the platelets, known as platelet rich plasma, which is a honey coloured substance. Those platelets are then used on the skin while the dermal stamp is in operation as they stimulate cells to generate new tissue.

"Using a client's own platelets is the fastest and most effective way to heal and rejuvenate the skin. The platelets speak a language the body naturally understands so they get to work to stimulate stem cells," Cumpston told The Huffington Post Australia.

Leftover platelets that aren't used at the time of derma stamping are mixed with an organic face cream and then frozen with nitrogen in order to maintain their biological activity. The client then takes small tub of this patent pending cream home to use on the skin as it heals over the following three days.

The last (optional) step of the treatment is called the Beauty Boost and is performed a week later. A gun-like device is used to distribute hyaluronic acid into the skin. Tiny molecules of hyaluronic acid can hold an impressive amount of water, which is why it's so good at plumping the skin. The HA paired with antioxidants and collagen factors give an overall glow, radiance and fullness to the complexion.

The treatments together recently won the national Teosyal Blue Diamond Award 2017. The Ultimate Renewal alone costs $850 and the two combined cost $1500.

The RVR90 by Ultraceuticals

The RVR90 'journey', which stands for Real Visible Results, is a custom combination of three months of at-home skincare combined with in-salon treatments, designed to correct your skin concern.

Ultraceuticals is an Australian made and owned cosmeceutical brand and is held in high regard in the skincare industry for its cutting edge research and development.

"Depending on their skin concern, clients can experience specific treatments for acne, loss of firmness, fine lines or hyperpigmentation," Tracey Beeby, Head of Global Training for Ultraceuticals told HuffPost Australia.

The system involves a three step process. Firstly a skin technician identifies the client's core skin concern and selects a specific hero treatment product to treat this problem.

Secondly, they select a matching skincare pack to suit the customer's skin type and work with the hero product. Finally, the skin technician will prescribes a course of complete treatments to accelerate progress. It is advised that clients receive a treatment every three or four weeks depending on the severity of their skin concern.

Some pretty impressive results have been achieved in the 90-day time frame. Costs vary depending on the tailored program but the skincare packs are around $200.

Flawless Diamond facial by Verdem

The use of diamonds in skincare is nothing new. Diamond dust or diamond headed exfoliating devices have long been used to buff the skin, slothing away dead cells and revealing a fresh, smooth complexion.

"Our Diamond facial, called 'Flawless' takes 60 minutes and it's our second most expensive treatment, at $349," Magen Darel, skin technician from Verdem told HuffPost Australia.

"It is a detoxifying facial to balance the skin tone and improve the elasticity. Diamond powder is used to gently exfoliate dead skin while massaging in the mask with circular motions has the benefits of stimulating collagen production."

The treatment is recommended for dry to combination skin that is too sensitive and can't have other detoxifying facials, as this is gentle and mild. It's also suggested for clients in their late 20s or older to correct accumulated sun damage.

"Highly recommend before special occasion, fine lines will diminish and you will gain a brighter skin complexion. The skin will be left soft and supple with a glow for the next upcoming days. This treatment gives similar results to diamond microdermabrasion, though the diamond cream applied as the last step offers sun protection to preserve results," Darel said.


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