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'Today Was Terrorism': Jimmy Fallon Drops The Jokes In Powerful Monologue

The 'Tonight Show' host delivered a sobering statement about the violence at the Capitol.

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon dropped the jokes for part of his show to deliver a moving statement about the attack on the nation’s Capitol, which was encouraged by President Donald Trump and carried out by his supporters in an attempt to violently overturn the election results.

“This is what happens when there’s no peaceful transition of power and what happens when there’s bad leadership,” Fallon said. “This is not how you lose.”

Fallon said his grandfather, a veteran, would be “disgusted” if he were still alive.

“Today was not patriotism,” he said. “Today was terrorism.”

Fallon also praised President-elect Joe Biden’s comments as he called for an end to the violence and said Americans have had enough.

“Today was a disgrace. Today was disappointing. But sadly, today was not a surprise,” Fallon said. ”But it’s important to remember that this is not who we are. I assure you there are more good people than there are bad, and good will prevail.”

See Fallon’s full comments below:

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