This Travel Film Explains Perfectly How It Feels To Be 'On Top Of The World'

Can travelling the world really make you happy?

This is the question that two Dutch filmmakers set out to answer in their short film, On Top Of The World, in which they tried to capture moments of euphoria on their travels.

Serhan Meewisse and Jurian Gravett invited eleven friends on two separate trips in a pro-active search for happiness.

It is truly a project of passion and took the filmmakers through the Belgium Ardennes and French Alps as well as the Turkish west coast and Greek Islands.

The filmmakers said the experiences challenged Western perceptions of happiness and their own self-image, leading to honest insights of moments of freedom.

"During the project I told family and friends that I wanted to challenge how people approach their personal search for happiness, Gravett told The Huffington Post Australia.

"I wanted to tackle the obvious social, financial or professional reasons why we take a mediocre effort into making ourselves happy humans, and actually put individuals in a position where it's their only priority to do something they love."

The filmmakers said that by experiencing new things in new places they managed to achieve moments of euphoria -- an assault on the sense.

The short film, narrated by American actor Hank Botwinik, suggests that the freedom of travel allows people to quietly reflect on their own lives.

"Stepping into unchartered territory, my shadowed self-image was exposed by a sense of honesty, I connected, carefully and eager I grasped onto these new insights. I opened up, truly let go. And on this turning point I experienced within."

The film, marked by an emotive original soundtrack and stunning imagery, forges an epic tale of adventure and discovery -- capturing that feeling of being 'on top of the world'.

"The project started as a challenge from myself and my friend Serhan to a group of others," Gravett said.

"If given a period of time and a location, could it be possible to actively search for those ultimate euphoric emotions, such as goosebumps, tears of joy. I can gladly say they succeeded.

"We climbed peaks all around the Mt. Blanc, and really got ourselves into some mind boggling views. It was also here that one of the guys completely broke out in tears by the sheer beauty of our view over Lac D'Annecy and beyond into the French Hill lands.

"Behind us we could still see the white peaks of the Mt. Blanc slowly turning golden by the sun which was setting. For me personally, it has been the most intimate and beautiful thing I have ever been lucky enough to document."

To find out more about the On Top Of The World project head over here.

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