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Twitter Really Couldn't Handle Mayweather's Fight Night Ski Mask


Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather confused a lot of people when he showed up to what could be considered the biggest fight of his career in a ski mask.

Mayweather won after ten rounds toe-to-toe with UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor on Saturday night in what most have considered the fight of year.

But his outfit almost stole the show.

The main event, which took place in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, was anticipated to be the highest-grossing fights in history because years worth of bad blood between the men. McGregor began the feud in 2015 when he implied that a fight against Mayweather would be a "dance around the ring" on "Conan."

But when Mayweather walked out in a black balaclava, everyone seemed to lose focus on the match. Maybe the boxer was trying to intimidate the younger fighter, or maybe it helped him keep his eyes on the prize.

Whatever Mayweather's reasoning for the outfit, Twitter users certainly had some jokes.

It's a good thing Mayweather won or the Internet might have never let him live this one down.

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