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These Unique Baby Names Are Inspired By The Great Outdoors

Sun's out! From Willow to Ash, these monikers will immediately invoke a sense of fresh air and freedom.

Whether it’s the name for a magnificent tree or one reminiscent of a beautiful flower, giving your baby a moniker inspired by nature is bound to invest them with a sense of connection to the world around them.

After all, most of us feel happiness and serenity when we’re outdoors, surrounded by mountains, beaches or forests – especially during lockdown.

We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents, but here are 10 monikers inspired by the wild earth.

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From Old English, meaning the holly tree, Holly is synonymous with all the joy of Christmas.


This name comes from the Old English word welig, meaning willow. It’s both graceful and romantic.


From the name for the plant – and as used by Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their daughter, Blue Ivy, who was born in 2012.


Autumn comes from the Latin word autumnus and reminds us of orange and brown crisp leaves on the ground.


Originates from the name of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora – and also the name for the northern lights (aurora borealis).

Aurora Display
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Aurora Display


It comes from the Latin word for river bank – a child named River is bound to be a rock star.


A pet form of Robert. Robin means fame or famous, and bright.


This name from the Hawaiian word for ocean. See also: Kai Rooney.


Go a little more unique with this moniker. According to the Celts, foxes are a guide in the spirit world.


It comes from the Greek and describes Titan – the bearer of the heavens. This child is bound to be an explorer.

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