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Love Island Australia's Vanessa Sierra Has Already Dated A Reality Star

Chances are you’ve seen Vanessa Sierra Joli’s face before.

Chances are you’ve seen 24-year-old Vanessa Sierra’s face before. The businesswoman from Sydney dated Married At First Sight star Dan Webb earlier this year.

Their short romance came after Dan’s very public split with MAFS co-star Jessika Power. She then went on to date Jessika’s brother, Rhyce Power.

“I think it’s about time I got out there again,” Vanessa says of her decision to find a partner on Love Island. “I remember hearing about Love Island around the time of my last break up and thinking to myself, this is perfect timing.”

The Daily Mail reports that Vanessa already knew current contestant Adam Farrugia before entering the villa. That comes as HuffPost revealed intruder Phoebe Thompson knew Maurice Salib in 2015 - and there’s photos to prove it.

Vanessa has been focusing on modelling after working in finance, and says people are “shocked” when they hear about her previous career.

“No one expects me to have a degree, they automatically think because I’m a model they don’t expect me to have brains. It comes as quite a shock to people when they actually find out I am educated,” she says.

She’s currently in a relationship with Matthew Zukowski, and it’s a romance that has ruffled some feathers through the villa.

On Monday night Sam Withers was sent home, after Cynthia Taylu chose Maurice Salib over him.

Sam had already told Cynthia he only viewed her as a friend, and had his eyes on starting something with Vanessa. Unfortunately Vanessa decided to continue her relationship with Matt instead.

Love Island contestant Vanessa Sierra
Instagram/Vanessa Sierra
Love Island contestant Vanessa Sierra

Australia’s second season of Love Island is set to premiere on Monday, with Sophie Monk returning as the Channel Nine show’s host.

After the 2018 season was filmed in Spain, this year’s contestants will be looking for love a bit closer to home in tropical Fiji.

Five female and five male contestants will couple up in the villa before trouble comes knocking as intruders arrive.

Irish radio star and actor, Eoghan McDermott, will once again narrate the show with his signature wit. At the end one winning couple, as voted by the public, is given a pot of money to start their lives together. However, there’s a catch as one person is given the option of sharing the money or keeping it for themselves.

Love Island premieres on Monday at 8:45pm on Channel Nine.

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